Fabric, Fabric, Fabric.

Oh my word. I really am completely exhausted today. Wonder why? Well yesterday morning I woke up and decided to tackle cleaning out, organizing, and moving all of my fabric from the garage to the upstairs guestroom. This was a big task ( I finished 12 hours later!)
I had 5 large tupperware totes and a couple of drawers full of fabric. Fabric I have collected over the years or had given to me. A large portion came from the trash actually--a long story :)
Anyhow, so I brought it all in. Washed, dryed and ironed it all to make it as compact and organized as possible. After hours of hard work I have beautifully organized it all in one cedar chest upstairs. It is all color coordinated and ready for the next project!
One box of random scraps I donated to the thrift store and another box I have set aside to use for the craft days I do with my college girls at church.
Although I am thouroughly exhauseted I am elated that it is done and will give me even more inspiration.