The Beginnings of Fall

The days are finally starting to cool down around here which means the nights and mornings are nice and chilly. For the Smith Family this means staying outdoors as much as possible!
I think for the general public summer time would be the time for grilling, hiking, playing at the park, and spending time outdoors. For us summer means mosquitoes, heat, sweat, and bees. Don't get me wrong! there are things about summer that are enjoyable (i.e. swimming, longer days, and enjoying a cold beer on a hot day) but both Mike and I thrive in cooler weather and feel much more invigorated and energized when we have on a sweater.
With all that said, the cooler weather has beckoned us outdoors. I wake up in the morning and head out to start working in the yard. Ezra plays or helps me dig until lunch time and we head inside for food and naps. Then when Canaan comes home we are back outside playing with the tennis rackets and balls, golfing, swinging, and more yard work. I fix a quick dinner and we eat out on the screened in porch. A bit more playing before we head inside for bath time and putting the boys to bed. Sometimes Mike and I sneak back out for a late night glass of wine on the porch and call it a day.
My latest project is trying to create a small stone "patio" in the back garden. The back garden was completely unmanageable for us this summer so we are converting part of it to a sitting area with a fire pit.

We have alot of stone and rock here on the property so we haven't had to go buy anything. Just lots of backbreaking work moving dirt, leveling dirt, and rock placement. I'd love to have it done this weekend but Mike hasn't been too motivated to come work on it with me this we'll see.

Take time to enjoy these cooler evenings with your family. It isn't about creating some elaborate meal or setting a beautiful table. Our meals have been so special this week with simply leftovers! The other night I lit a candle- brought out leftover pizza that we warmed up on the grill. I reheated some pasta from the previous night and sliced a loaf of bread to serve with butter. Super simple and wonderful. We listened to the boys tell us about their day while the birds sang and the cool breeze swept through. These are such precious and magical times.....