Finding a Kitchen Island but Still Looking For Our Sanity

What a weekend!!! It was a full weekend and a productive weekend overall.
After my girls book study on Friday night we were driving home from church and saw a bunch of free stuff on the side of the road from a place going out of business. We pulled over because, hello! free stuff! You'll see in the picture a green dresser. Yes, this ugly monster will someday soon turn into a beautiful swan of our new kitchen island. Just you wait!!!! I have grand plans for this big guy.

On Saturday we spent the morning lounging around the house with the boys. Around lunch time we decided to head to the park for a while--big mistake! It was close to Ezra's nap time and thus the entire trip was filled with his whining and crying and occasional fits until finally we gave up and all went back home.

I did stop at one garage sale and found 2 matching kids size golf bags WITH golf clubs. Really nice stuff, not Walmart cheap plastic stuff. I paid $2 for both ( a total steal) but the best of all was when we got home and Canaan started looking in the bags and found golf balls, golf tees, AND $5! Woo hoo! We got paid $3 for some golf bags!
Later that night we had some of our new neighbors over for dinner. Their 2 sons go to school with Canaan so the 4 boys had an outrageously fun time running around the yard, helping us build a fire in the new fire ring,eating homemade ice cream, and swinging on the tree swings.
So we are still looking for our sanity after a weekend of fits from Ezra who is clinging onto to his "terrible two" phase as long as possible. Canaan was a gem this weekend. He even woke up Sunday morning before church and had cleaned pretty much the entire house while I was doing my hair and make-up. He was so proud of himself and I was so proud of him for thinking of it and doing it.