Venturing Outdoors

This past Labor Day weekend we headed up for a trip to Cincinnati. We often go to Cincy, which is about an 1 1/2 hr. drive on weekends. For one, its time for Mike and I to talk while the boys nap or play quietly in the back. We have always loved long drives together. We try to always take time out during the day and evening to discuss the day and catch each other up on "life" but the longer drives give us opportunity to dream for the future, set goals, and make plans.
Anyhow, off to Cincinnati we went this weekend. I looked up some parks around the area before we left and found a park that had an outdoor wet playground. Sounded perfect for the 90 degree day in store. The park was wonderful! We paid $5 for the entire year to get us in all of the Hamilton County Parks (about 10 or so). Sharon Woods was a beautiful park with a great "wet" playground, paddleboats, fishing boats, an indoor 2-story playground and so much more that we didn't even see. Each park in the area has its own special features that we are excited to explore. This winter the parks offer ice skating and cross country skiing as well.
Our only frustration was that it took us 4 years of living here to find it! Lexington, where we live now, unfortunately doesn't have a great park system. Kentucky in general has some nice state parks but it is a lengthy drive to some of them and there isn't much else in the area to do.
So anyhow, that was our weekend. This upcoming weekend is going to be really fun! We are hosting the kick-off cookout for the college group at some property Mike's sister and husband own just outside of town. The weather looks like it will be perfect and it will be so nice to connect with our students just back from summer break.