Handmade Christmas gifts...

I haven't mentioned sewing or any form of crafting in a while, but it is going on around here. Last night I finally finished Canaan's scarf--which now fits Ezra. I started that thing 2 winter's ago....I really don't enjoy knitting that much to be honest. It was a labor of love.

Canaan found some Frosty the Snowman fabric last spring on the clearance table at Walmart. He asked me to make a blanket for him with it. It goes against my grain to buy anything with characters on it but hey, its Frosty! I had stuck the fabric in my "project" drawer and until yesterday had forgotten about it. At first I wanted to make a really cool, funky quilt with it but, in reality, hours of making the quilt would have been for my own liking.
At the fabric store while looking at that big puffy polar fleece I realized that he would much rather have a warm cozy fleece blanket that he could tote around the house than a labor intensive quilt that I would make him "take care of". So in about 20 minutes I had sewn his frosty fabric to the fleece and tada! a Frosty blanket that he is over the moon about.

Christmas gifts are coming along nicely. Here are 16 pouches for something special for all of the little kids in our lives...can't give away too much since many of the mama's read this blog!

I have 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper with all of the Christmas projects to work on in this next month. Lots of fun creating ahead.... quilts, pillows, memory books, scarves, secret kid pouches, stencil tees, homemade body scrubs and lotions, and so much more!