I often get asked how I get so much accomplished in a day. I guess my answer would be that I am a great multi-tasker. I don't watch much TV (maybe an hour a day if that) and I try to manage my time well.
Yesterday I was laughing at myself as I was running from the stove to stir the homemade apple butter, running back to the table to work on framing a quilt piece, listening and praising Ezra for his guitar playing, picking up things off the floor, and helping Canaan spell words on his dry erase board. In the midst of the "chaos" there was still calmness. I was in a relaxed fury :)We had some great music going and Canaan and I were in great conversation while Ezra played and sang his songs along with the music.

The applesauce is done! I made it with just apples, water, and a slight touch of spices. No sugar added. I left it a bit chunky as well. A huge bag of apples we picked from Mike's grandmas tree made 7 wide mouth jars of applesauce.
I have one bag left of apples. I found a great recipe for apple bundt cake I think I will make a few of to freeze. Also I may try to make some cranberry apple chutney to can.
After the apples are gone I will tackle pie pumpkins to make all of the pumpkin treats I love as well as freeze plain pumpkin for soups throughout the winter. I can't wait!