And So It Continues.....

This weekend was yet another that encompassed the kitchen remodel. This weekend we finally put in hardwood!!! Woo hoo!!! I think this means the end is near. I absolutely cannot believe how much we bit off on this project. Removing 2 walls, re-plumbing and re-wiring the washer and dryer to the back of the house, re-finishing the cabinets, tearing out 60 years of old floors to put in hardwood, tile back splash, etc...

I guess when this is done we can know that every other project we tackle in the house won't be nearly as time consuming or hard.
Installing the hardwood was a new thing for both of us. The hardest part was the work Mike had to do to get to the sub floor just to install the hardwood. Lots of backbreaking work for him :(
We stayed up late into the night Saturday night installing the hardwood which had to be pounded in (my job) and nailed in (Mike's job) piece by piece. It was 95% done...and then we ran out of wood. Crap! So tonight we hope to finish. They still need painted and sealed someday.

Yesterday we took a day of rest and went to Ikea in Cincinnati. We spent the day there eating lunch, shopping for kitchen lighting (which we got on clearance, woo hoo!), and letting the kids play.
A new week begins. Mike's birthday is next Monday so I will be thinking of some special things to do for him throughout this week.