Putting Myself Out There

This week I really put myself out there....really. It is the first time I took some of my projects (i.e. aprons, bags, bracelets, etc...) to a shop to see if they liked it well enough to sell.
I have been so nervous about it. I have been thinking of doing it for weeks now and knew the shop I wanted to approach but it was getting the guts to do it. Putting yourself out there creatively is a really scary thing. I feel like I have pretty tough skin but rejection or critiquing is still painful.
Well anyhow, last week I had Mike go scope out the place. He took in a couple of my things with him to get a feel for me from the shop owner if she would like it (I told you I was scared!)

He came home with a good report. They liked the little creations I had made and said they would carry them in the shop! I promptly gathered my stash of items, ironed them again to make sure they were presentable, made tags for them, and took them to the shop this Monday.

The owners were so super cool and encouraging. They pulled out a display rack from the back and gave me my own little display in the shop. It was pretty fun (and scary) knowing that my things will now be for sale in a retail sort of way.
This weekend the shop has their annual Holiday Open House and a "meet and greet" with the artists (I am one of those now) from 6-9pm. So we'll be there and some of our friends will drop by to lend support and do some holiday shopping in this awesome little store, Street Scene.
And of course, even though I told myself I wouldn't make anything else right now to put in the shop because my holiday gift list of handmade goodies is growing by the day, I didn't listen to myself and have made a few more items for the Open House this weekend. Here's a glimpse...

So that's that. I have officially put myself out there and it paid off. So what are you waiting for? Take a leap with me and reach for something you would like to acheive. I'd love to hear about it and encourage you and pray for you as you go for it! I have so many goals for the next month, year, and beyond. I pray for myself that I will remember my first priority is to God and my family and serving others above any personal goal. I also pray that as I get time to pursue my dreams that I use discernment and wisdom. I praise God for the gift of creativity (we all have it--don't let yourself believe otherwise) and that I have a great husband and family that cheer me on and let me dream big.