V-Day Goodies

I know, its late, but I wanted to share what Mike got me for Valentines Day. Usually we don't do much (or anything) for the day but this year I got some special surprises! Lots of tulips and a beautiful heather plant, 2 crafting magazines and a copy of Fine Cooking, AND he totally surprised me by getting my Itty Smitty company registered with the State. Now my business is "official"! What an amazingly thoughtful and unique gift, isn't it?

In other news, I am getting a hair cut today. Yes, this is news. I haven't had a hair cut in quite a while and my hair is nearly to the bottom of my back by now. Really I like it long but it has no shape and is in dire need of thinning. I have super duper thick hair which means the weight of thickness and length leaves me with a major headache/neck ache nearly every night. So off I go with pictures in hand and we'll see what happens. I may keep the length or may chop it off...ugh...I am SOO nervous! I never have good haircut experiences!