Finishing projects...

In my sewing studio / guest room, I have had a pile of "projects" to finish. The pile grows by the week and it stares me down each time I walk in there.
This morning after my morning mug of coffee I decided to tackle them. There was a shirt to mend for Canaan, a button to replace on a blouse, a dress to take in on the sides, a quilt to finish up for a friend,4 wrist cuffs to finish up for the shop, and a cute sweater to work my magic on. (and may I say, these were all accomplished between 8-10am!)

The sweater was a $.50 find on the clearance rack at Gabriel Brothers. It fits like a glove and has a great summer nautical look. Unfortunately the 2 holes in the back made it unwearable. But for $.50 I figured I would buy it and find a way to make it wearable. I ironed some pellon on the inside where the holes were to stabalize the fabric. Then I used some scrap linen to make a heart. I carefully zig zag stitched the heart onto the sweater and voila! a wearable sweater! It took less than 10 minutes although that pesky sweater sat on my studio table for over 4 months.

Next was the quilt. I can't say who its for but they will be getting it soon. I embroidered a bit on it but wanted something other than embroidery to add Bible verse to it. Last night I remembered a set of stamps we had (Melissa and Doug stamps) and the fabric paint I had stashed away. I decided to stamp the verse in the fabric paint and then heat set it. It turned out perfectly and actually saved me a ton of time.

While I worked, Ezra painted. He also discovered the water pouch that goes with our hiking backpack the other day. He carries the pouch around drinking water out of it all day long. It totally grosses me out because it looks like he is drinking out of a cathader (sp?) bag. YUCK!