Homemade Pasta

I finally got the guts to pull out my "new" (new in box from the thrift store) pasta maker. I bought it a month or so ago but have been nervous about actually tackling my first batch of fresh pasta.
Canaan has been begging for spaghetti and meatballs for the past couple of weeks so this morning after he headed to school I started simmering some homemade marinara and mixed up our favorite meatball recipe.
I had every intention of using store bought whole wheat pasta but around 4:00 today I figured that every other aspect of the meal was from scratch~ so should the pasta.
I have endless recipes for pasta dough and couldn't figure out which one to use. Finally I settled on Gourmet magazines recipe which literally is 1 1/2 cups of flour and 3 eggs...thats it. It was super easy and the dough had great texture. I used whole wheat flour.
Ezra and Mike helped out and after a few mishaps (learning how to use my machine properly), we got beautiful ribbons of fettuccine.
After 3 minutes of boiling, the pasta was done. And oh how yummy it was! I couldn't believe how EASY, FAST, and YUMMY the pasta was. Everyone loved it and it was incredibly healthy and tasty.
Does anyone know how to clean the pasta machine properly? It came in a box but the instruction guide was missing. I have no clue how to clean it and I don't want to use soap and water without knowing if I should or not.