What the...? Blogging about Christmastime already? Well it has been on my mind on and off in the past few weeks.
One of our upstairs closets houses a tupperware tote. In it I stash random gifts I find throughout the year for birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas. Its crazy as I reach this time of year how full the box already is. I went through it the other day and was amazed at how many Christmas gifts I had already started tucking away. Gifts I bought as far back as January with a certain person in mind. I am a firm believer in buying gifts that really speak to me about that particular person. I hate having to rush out and grab a gift last minute and literally buying something just because I have to have...something.

One of Ezra's gifts arrived in the mail yesterday. I found it online for $10 ( a discount from the normal $80 price tag). He will absolutely love it.

And today I was shopping at Big Lots for some shipping supplies. I went with no intention of Christmas shopping (nor do I ever go to a store with that intention), but low and behold~I kid you not~ a book that I had written on my Christmas shopping list to buy someone was Big Lots...for $5! This is a very rare book that I have never even seen at a bookstore. I was fully prepared to pay $25 for it online. Isn't that so crazy?
I still have many gifts to buy but I'd say I am a little over 50 percent done.

I don't know if you remember last years flurry of handmade gift giving around here.

I started months in advance and remained organized and on top of each project to make sure I finished in time. Unfortunately I didn't take into account the amount of WORK that it would take to handmake nearly every gift. As time crept closer to December 25th I worked feverishly into the night (after the boys were in bed) sewing, embroidering, painting, and crafting. I remember thoughts of frustration as I'd see my beloved husband curled up by the fire with a book or the laptop enjoying the lights of the Christmas tree while I was slaving over gifts. He was totally off the hook and the worst part was that I had done it to myself!
As much as I adore handmade holidays and the practice of keeping things simple and sweet, I never again will go to quite the lengths I did last year.
Without a doubt Mike and the boys will always get something handmade from me. I am also thinking of using VistaPrint
to get personalized notepads made from the boys artwork. They would make great gifts for teachers, extended family, and friends.
What are your holiday gift giving plans? Share any good ideas you have because although I have a little over 50 percent done, I still have a little under 50 percent still to do.