Raising Generous Children

I have no idea how to raise a generous child but I do know we must be doing something right because my sweet boys are just absolutely amazing. Truly...

We decided to take off this morning on a little road trip. While Mike and I were getting ready in the back bedroom I could hear the kitchen faucet turning on and off continually. This usually means Ezra is filling up water bottles, or Canaan is washing his rocks from his rock collection. I didn't think much of it and after about 10 minutes came to the kitchen to see what the boys were up to.

What I walked in to was my sweet Canaan standing at the kitchen sink. He heard me walk in and as he turned to look at me he simply said "I emptied the dishwasher and washed the dishes in the sink for you mom." At that point I burst into tears (I won't mention pregnancy hormones as a reason for that)and ran over to give him a kiss and a hug. Of course he thought I was a bit over dramamtic but how could I help it?

He did it in such a selfless and helpful manner too. He wasn't expecting money or ice cream or extra time playing the Wii. He did it because he truly is growing up to be an incredibly helpful and generous person. And I am so proud and thankful and humbled.