Unfinished Projects

Last fall I had grand plans for a fall craft project...it never happened. I have been determined to work on it with the boys this fall in hopes of enjoying it for the fall season. The progress is slow. Weeks, in fact. We are near completion and when it is finished, I'll photograph the final outcome.
This got me thinking about the many unfinished projects I have laying around. It would be fantastic to finish them before the end of the year (albeit a bit unrealistic) and start 2010 with a clean slate of ideas. I have several unfinished sewing projects~ half finished aprons, quilt tops, embroidery, photographs to organize, and paintings to work on.
I am a "completer" by nature (if that is even a personality trait). It irritates me to leave things unfinished. I have been trying, with some success, to retrain my brain to accept these unfinished projects for what they are.
One day when the kids are at college and I am wondering what to do with my time it will be nice to have a stack of quilts and embroidery to finish, right?