Baking & Playing

So far today I have started pastry dough for 4 tarts and 4 pizzas. The tarts (which I have mentioned before over here) are for neighbors and friends and the pizza dough is for our family pizza night. I still have some french macaroons to make~which is my standard Christmas cookie of choice each year. I use this recipe, which is pretty much foolproof.

Along with baking has been alot of playing. Thankfully we are experiencing a mild spell weather wise this week which means the boys are outdoors more than indoors. Of course, along with outdoor play comes the pitiful cries and complaints of injuries. Today's biggest injury (thus far) was a broom handle to Canaan's mouth (the above picture is Ezra's sorry for hitting Canaan face). They are now settled in with lunch and a short episode of Franklin before a couple hour quiet time this afternoon. I am looking forward to it much more than they are, I am sure.