Cashmere Headwrap

A couple of months ago I made this little headwrap. I often come across luxuriously soft cashmere sweaters at the thrift store and then just as my heart begins to beat faster in excitement over my find...I see a hole, or two, or three.
The last time this happened I opted to go ahead and buy the $3 sweater anyhow and figure out a way to use it for something fun and soft to wear.
One of my favorite headwraps was cashmere and was purchased by my mom from Banana Republic years ago. Oh how I loved it...
So I decided that part of my $3 sweater would become a new headwrap for winter. It literally took less than 15 minutes and it is oh-so warm and cozy on my ears. I even wear it around the house when there is a slight chill in the air. Mike calls it my hippie head wrap.
I have a ton of cashmere leftover which I want to try to make some fingerless mittens...more like wrist warmers with thumbs that go up to my knuckles...what ever those things are called. Anyhow, I have been dreaming up all sorts of fun ideas. I would gladly welcome any other ideas too. There are many holey cashmere sweaters in the world needing a new home and a new purpose!