Freezer Paper Stencils

Canaan's birthday is right around the corner and I am working hard to get a couple of tee shirts done that he has been asking for. Tee shirt #1 - a lobster shirt reminiscent of one he saw last summer in Crew Cuts (J Crew for kids). Tee shirt #2 is a yo yo shirt inspired by one currently in Mini Boden catalog.

The lobster will actually be appliqued onto a green shirt and I'll stencil lettering on the shirt directly. The yo yo shirt is near completion and is oh so cute! I'll post pictures once his birthday arrives.

I had all but given up sewing during these last few weeks of pregnancy. It has just been too uncomfortable to sit for long periods of time at the machine. But it has been hard to stay away, I will admit. I have been pacing myself and just sewing a little bit each day to get some aprons done for the shop. I had an incredible holiday season at the shop and all but sold out of inventory.

A little over three weeks until this new little guy arrives. There is a excitement building in the house as the boys can actually sense the pending arrival. Mike has been hard at work finishing up a bathroom remodel we started a few months back. Once that is finished (hopefully in a week or two) we can get things in order around here to bring home baby!