I generally go long periods of time (years) between paintings. I love to paint but also am fearful to pick up my brush and paint those first strokes when the time arrives. I have wanted a large painting for our kitchen for a while now...a long while. Mike loves landscapes and after seeing some of the landscapes in an old Anthropologie catalog taken in Iceland I thought I may tackle one.
Since my last painting was over 2 years ago and the one prior to that was even further back, my paints were practically hardened and my brushes I have had since high school were dry and brittle.
I asked for new paints and brushes for Christmas which both Mike and my parents bought for me. And as for the enormous canvas (36 by 48) I found 2 of them, unused, at the thrift store for $2.50 a piece!
The painting itself took a little over 2 days~working while the boys slept or were pre-occupied with their own crafts.
It still needs framed and hung a bit higher in the kitchen (I used a nail already in the wall from a previous frame) but it is a nice addition to our fairly minimalist, neutral colored kitchen.