Staying Organized

Living in a 50 year old house with very limited closet space presents a daily challenge with two active boys and two active adults.
The only way to stay on top of it all is to keep this home as organized as possible. Everything must be easy, obvious, and strategic if we are going to enjoy our home to the fullest.
I have mentioned before including the boys in the organization of the home as well. I have realized that I do not want to be the mom that just does it all for my kids because it is easier than asking them to help. It goes back to that whole "teaching someone to fish" principle.

The Library Station

The way this can most easily happen is to have designated areas for everything. We have the ball box (for sports balls), the toy crock, the shoe bin, the movie box, and the library station (for checked out library books and movies). Having a title for everything helps the entire family stay on the same page when it comes to straightening up and keeping things organized.

The "headed out the door and Goodwill drop off" box

Using these systems for not only our main living areas but all other areas of the house eliminates alot of frustration when it comes to finding things quickly and having a more fluid flow in the home.