For years Mike and I traveled...alot. Separately before we were married and together after we were married. We've been to the far reaches of Mongolia, deep in the tribal jungles of Papua New Guinea, the jade factories in China, the wild rivers of western Africa, the steps of the Sydney Opera House, and the streets of Casablanca.

Yesterday I woke up early to a beautiful pink sky. My immediate internal response was, "I wish I was on a beach somewhere this morning."
This thought has not been a first in recent months. I have often found myself going about my day and then suddenly wishing I was transported to a distant land. I long to travel again with Mike and the boys. I long for our children to experience other cultures, sights, smells, and experiences.
I guess it is the routine of daily living that gives me this longing for adventure again. We have a beautiful life here at The Smith Homestead (as I like to call it.) We are blessed beyond belief with health, happiness and a good life. This post is by no means complaining but I guess rather a chance to express my desire to one day pack our Lowe Alpine backpacks, lace up our hiking boots, grab our passports, and head on another great adventure.

For now I will savor each day to crunch my boots in the snow as I go feed the chickens and collect eggs, enjoy a morning cup of coffee with Mike, watch Canaan bounce off to another day of school, make lunch for Ezra and tuck him in for an afternoon nap, welcome the family back home with a warm evening meal, and say our prayers each night together as a family~ truly thanking God for this blessed life we live.