A Place for Food

I have blogged before about this sweet 1950's bungalow we live in. Sweet...and fairly small...with nearly no storage.
For months now we have been tossing around the idea of moving to larger digs. The 1400 square feet we are in seems to grow smaller and smaller by the day as the boys get bigger and our creative energies and endeavors grow with them.
But although we don't see ourselves in this house forever, for the time being, we are just going to stay put and make it work.
The first thing on this new "make it work" mindset was creating some sort of a pantry space. My food has been limited to 3 small shelves and just trying to find space amongst the pans or pots to fit larger items like flour and oil.
After our big kitchen renovation a while back we had blank wall to play with...voila~ our new pantry space.
I asked for a home depot gift card for my birthday gift this year from my parents and we were able to make a cedar shelved pantry with a sliding door for under $100. Being able to make it ourselves meant we could measure out the perfect height of each of the 7 shelves (longer ones for cereal, smaller for cans).

And yes, this is the look of our kitchen/ dining area each morning. Maybe yours is similar?

Once the shelves were in place we knew we didn't want to just leave it open. But there was no room for a conventional door. Thanks to some smart thinking by my handyman hubby, we now have this amazing sliding door that not only covers the shelves but also gives the room a bit more interest and depth.
I still need to paint the unfinished side of the pantry (hopefully I can get to that sometime soon).I'd love to eventually find an old kitchen sign, but for now we put up a sign I saved from the trash in Michigan. Mike is going to make a big door handle at his metal working class tomorrow~ which I am excited to see.
I'll share a bit more this week about other projects in the works to bring some more organization and storage to our home. We're excited!