Food Finds and Fair Fun

To sum up our Ohio State Fair experience in one post would be a complete injustice :) So over the next few days I'll share some of the greatness of the day. I am sure all state fairs are great, but there is something so amazing about Ohio's. They offer such a wide array of activities (kayaking, timber shows, lectures from Abraham Lincoln and fishing) with no additional charges.
Of course most of our day centers around food~ as it should be at a fair. Chocolate covered bacon and funnel cakes, gyros and fries with vinegar~ delish!

And a few rides...

And I said last week that I'd be sharing a bit about food this week. This first "recipe" isn't so much a recipe, but rather a go-to staple meal in this beans and rice. I make a big batch of brown rice to keep in the fridge and a bowl of black beans. Sometimes I'll make flour tortillas and we'll make bean and rice burritos. Other times we'll just have a bowl of it topped with sour cream and salsa. If there is leftover chicken or steak we'll add that too. Having cooked brown rice on hand is also nice to have around for quick fried rice.