A New Dress

Mama's got a new dress. What's that? From Anthropologie? Nope. A Boden purchase? No ma'am. This little gem was my first "big girl" sewing project.
My sewing projects for over a year has been work related. Filling orders for shops, shows, online orders and gift giving have kept me too busy to make anything for myself. Finally I feel caught up on all of those other things and decided to pull out a pattern I bought a while ago and had tucked away with all of the other patterns I buy and intend on using (but never get around to.) I sew all of the time but am petrified of those patterns that aren't labeled with words like "easy" or "fast" or "quick".

I was feeling very ambitious on Friday night and wanted a good challenge. So I dove head first into the most difficult pattern I have tackled to date. It was hard ~ but not nearly as hard as I had anticipated. I had Mike there, across the kitchen table doing his online classes, coaching me along as I would read aloud, then re-read aloud more slowly and loudly each instruction step.
It came together in about 4 hours and was actually really fun to make and even more exciting to zip it up and have it fit like a glove.