Along with a beautiful sunset picnic at Shaker Village last Friday night, we headed downtown on Saturday night for some fun in the city.
Lexington is in the midst of hosting the World Equestrian Games ~ the first time the games have been out of Europe. The city is so festive and fun during the next two weeks, part of which include these painted horses all around town. Each horse has a different theme and they are literally scattered everywhere ~ from grocery stores to libraries.

Once a month, the city hosts "Swinging on Main" ~ a swing band and lots of fun dancing in the street. I seriously could get teary eyed at times like these. There is something so moving, so joyful and so bonding about things like this. Seeing everyone full of life and literally beaming from ear to ear as they dance with their partner; its fantastic....I just love it.

To add to the thrill of the evening was a discovery of this place! In a small city like Lexington, its hard for things to go unnoticed. But this little fish and chips place was a surprise find! It is attached to the little Ireland imports shop and is literally just a walk up and order kinda place. We haven't eaten here yet~ but I am imagining some tasty meals in our future.

We landed at Alfalfa for dinner~ a great spot for vegetarian and healthy meals. There's something so magical about eating a late night dinner downtown~ don't you think? I just love an evening with good food, good conversation and great friends. To add to the dreaminess of it all, the weather was perfectly chilly which meant a piece of pumpkin pie and a cup of coffee were certainly in order after our meal.