The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Oh how we love our yellow tree in the fall! It literally makes our house glow a beautifully golden hue. Of course, fall is much too short lived for my liking...the leaves are already falling by the hundreds each day.

I don't think I have shared yet on here that our chickens were killed by raccoons a few weeks back. There are still a few feathers around the yard which is a sad reminder of their absence. We haven't decided if we'll get new chicks in the spring again or not. The raccoons are really prevalent here in Lexington.

This is what has happened over the course of a few weeks as the front bathroom in our home is was demolished and everything was heaved out the bathroom window into the backyard...nice one, honey. The reconstruction has begun (new tiled shower, new floors, new walls, etc...) so hopefully the yard will get cleaned up before the first snow fall.