Souffle and Stew

I woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible sore throat. I hate those nights. Every swallow hurts and there just isn't any relief...or sleep.
I woke up Sunday morning tired, grouchy and achey. A bit of relaxed sewing in the morning didn't help so I headed in for a long (nearly 2 hour), hot bath. Some relief, finally.
All day I was craving beef stew. Really, I just wanted the carrots out of the stew. But the process of stew making is still necessary to get those amazingly sweet carrots.

And then while reading the French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook I just had to have the Hot Cocoa Souffle along with the stewed carrots.
Since our chef was off today (ha ha) and once I had it in my head to make these two things, there was nothing left to do but get in the kitchen and cook. I took a nap while the meat simmered and although making both the stew and souffle took much longer than my normal superwoman speed, I did have dinner on the table before 8pm.
The stew recipe I make is similar to this one.

And you can find the souffle recipe here.