The Good Girls Banana Split

I have stumbled upon something spectacular. I affectionately call it my "good girl banana split". And it is oh-so-yummy. Fat free plain Greek yogurt topped with banana, frozen (and thawed) strawberries and a drizzle of nutella. It definitely hits the spot and has satisfied my sugar craving that creep up in the evenings (do you get the urge for sugary treats at night,too?)

Mike started his first day of the looming layoff on January 1st. Already it is stretching our marriage and giving us the rare opportunity to spend countless hours together and learn to do it with patience and this we are still learning. We started out our married life working along side each other for nearly 5 years. We loved it. Then Mike got a "real job" and it was such a transition to only see each other for a few short hours in the evening. We often joked that he should go on welfare just so we could spend the days together again. Well here we are...not on welfare, but definitely spending the days together. Overall, its spectacular. But it is certainly a lesson in communicating what each of our expectations are for the day! This marriage gig...even 12 years in, is hard work! Meaningful and worthwhile work, nonetheless.

So with the layoff in full swing I began thinking about how I could use this time in a beneficial way. On January 1st I decided that I would give up anything with flour until he got a new job. This of course, coincided with New Years. But it wasn't a New Years Resolution. Some have suggested that I am fasting from flour during this time. But it isn't a fast. Nope, no spiritual reasons for my madness...and yes, it is madness. How the heck did I decide that giving up 3 layer cake, Canaan's doughnuts, homemade bread, flour tortillas, crepes and pizza was a good thing?
What it came down to was this. I wanted to look back on this time and be able to fondly say, "Without that lay off I wouldn't have lost those last 10 lbs of pregnancy weight!" I want to turn this crappy layoff into something good, you see! Totally vain, I know.
Another reason, and slightly deeper and less superficial reason is that I truly believe in the power to deny oneself things. I love the process of disciplining ourselves and being able to say "no" to ourselves. Its therapeutic and cleansing for me on many levels.
With that said, I have had many moments in the last week of wanting to drop Mike off at the nearest Pizza Hut and telling him to deliver pizzas so I can eat a brownie!