Strawberries have been fairly cheap lately at the grocery store. And of course, it is strawberry planting season in most areas of the US ~ so what better than a little strawberry post?
I'll share a little of what I've been doing with my strawberries...will you share some of your favorite strawberry ideas too?

A basic plain greek yogurt and strawberry parfait

Goat Cheese, Honey and Strawberry Tart. Super simple. Just make your favorite tart or pie shell (Canaan also recommends vanilla wafers for this too). Mix goat cheese and honey - the more honey the sweeter, the less honey the more tart flavor you will have. Spread the goat cheese mix in the baked shell. Top with sliced strawberries and top with another drizzle of honey.

A friend used saltines instead of pie crust and named it "poor boy version". A little sweet, tangy and salt! (love the food photo, Ally!)