Takin' it Easy

Ezra is unphased by it all. Lounging in the hammock, diva sunglasses on, munching on graham crackers and reading books~ he is undoubtedly unphased. Unphased by his big brothers national TV show appearance. Unphased by the hundreds upon hundreds of orders that have since followed...and continue to pour in. Unphased by the noise of the printer 24 hours a day printing off shipping labels. Unphased by the absence of daddy who is spending his days making marshmallows at The Homestead.
To him, Otto and Canaan (who is back to "normal" at school each day) life hasn't changed much. Which is a good thing. Life for Dad and Mom right now is crazy...and fun..and...well crazy (in the best sort of way).
And if you missed the segment and would like to see it you can find the entire show here. Canaan's segment is around the 33 minute mark.