Champagne Mangoes

Have you ever eaten a champagne mango...or as we call them, thai mangoes? Or maybe you know them by yet another name? Well whatever the name, these little gems are amazing. Typically we find them at the Asian supermarket and eat them diced over a steaming bowl of sticky rice and sweetened coconut milk. Last week I was amazed to find them at the local Sam's Club for a little over $7.00 a box (13 or so per box). I diced them and froze most to pull out for the next thai meal but I also made a mango curd to be layered between a homemade angel food cake this week.

I found the mango curd recipe here and adjusted the sugar/acid amounts a bit to suit our taste (less sweet, more tart).

I also have been keeping mason jars in the fridge filled with cut fruits and vegetables to munch on during the week. I have a horrible habit of buying fresh produce, sticking it in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator and letting it rot. Its terrible. I always intend to get to it but it wilts or dries up or molds before I do. I find that if I immediately wash, cut and store the produce when I first return from the store, we actually eat it...imagine that. Not to mention it keeps me from munching on bad things like Easter candy and homemade cookies too.