Flourless Pizza ~ better than the original?

This past month has been a crazy one for my sinuses. I have had a continual problem with them and have been pretty much miserable all day every day. At first I thought it was just the spring blooms causing me some allergies but it is beyond that.
There are many suggestions out there...neti pot - tried that, apple cider vinegar drinks - yep, tried that too. I have tried half a dozen recommendations and nothing has cleared it up.
In the midst of one of my middle-of-the-night, can't sleep because I can't breathe episodes I remembered that when Mike was first laid off and I went flour free for 40 days. During that time I had no sinus issues whatsoever. In fact, I had remarked to Mike several times during that time that my sinuses were behaving so well!
So this week, in a desperate attempt to clear up this mess I am going flour free for the next month.

I am not up on all of the gluten free terminology and to be honest, I don't want to research it too thoroughly (I love my bread and pasta and am not ready to give it up completely). But while I am riding this flour free wave I figure I'll see what recipes are out there.
Pizza is just one of my most favorite foods EVER. Oh how I love pizza. Thick, thin, loaded, just cheese...it really doesn't matter.
This weekend I was craving pizza and headed to the internet to find something that would resemble pizza without me having to go buy a bunch of crazy GF ingredients.
I landed on this recipe and as they say...the rest was history.

It was amazing. Uh-ma-zing. I didn't even miss the crust. It tasted like a thin, crispy wood fired pizza, and did I mention it has no flour...at all? The original recipe sounded divine but I was limited on ingredients. I made the crust and then adapted the toppings with what I had in the fridge; some banana peppers, corn on the cob from the previous nights dinner, mozzarella, crumbled bacon leftover from breakfast and shaved Parmesan.
Maybe not necessarily any healthier than normal pizza ~ I like to think this pizza is healing my sinuses one slice at a time.