Scrap Fabric Wreath DIY

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These fabric wreaths have been around the crafting scene for a while now. No doubt why. They are super simple to make, inexpensive and a great way to use up leftover fabric from other projects.
I also love this particular project because it is a great one for taking on the road. No sewing machine or crafting tools needed. Just a bag of scrap fabric and a wire wreath frame.

In fact, I started this very wreath almost exactly two years ago (it didn't take two years to just was placed on the backburner for a while). I was due to deliver Otto anyday and we decided to take one last road trip a couple of hours away to Cincinnati. I quietly sat in the car, tying scraps of fabric to the frame and silently working my way through contractions that had started once we hit the road. A day later, Othniel Rockland made his appearance and that half done wreath sat in the corner of my studio until last week.

Want to make one of your own? Here's how:

1. Grab up all sorts of fabric. Sometimes I like to make a wreath a little more color coordinated in theme (mostly yellows or reds or something like that) or sometimes it just becomes a hodge podge of what I have at the time.

2. Using a cutting mat and rotary tool (you are more than welcome to use old fashioned scissors...that will take a gazillion hours though, so prepare yourself) cut lots and lots of 5" by 1/2" fabric strips. You are going to need alot. I usually run out and then go cut more.

3. I get my wire wreath frames at Michaels where they are relatively inexpensive ($4-$8). I'm sure places like Hobby Lobby have them too.

4. Start tying. Just a simple over and under tie works. You don't even need to double knot it. Just one tie with a little forceful tug at the end to make sure its nice and secure to the wire frame will work. Its up to you how full and snug you want your frame. You could keep things looser and less full by using less fabric scraps. I like mine pretty full so I really squeeze those fabric strips in there.

It really is as simple as that!