Birthdays & Blissdom

Yesterday, sweet litte Otto turned 2 (this pic was taken fresh out of bed on the morning of his big day...favorite blanket and stuffed animals by his side- as always). And as sweet as this guy is...he is also the most rambunctious and wild of the three. Phew. Three boys with the last being the loudest and craziest?? I did not expect that. Yet it keeps us constantly entertained (pulling out our hair) and we know full well this time of 2 year old shenanigans will end far too quickly.

In other news...I head to Nashville today to attend Blissdom. Any of you fellow bloggers headed that way? I've been saving my pennies for the trip for a while now and am so excited to meet some new people, take some amazing classes and have some girl time with Sarah and Ami.

I'll be back on Monday with lots of great stuff to share next week. Some crafty good stuff. Can't wait! See you then~