Sweet Notes~

There is a season in my life as a mom that is one of the most precious to me. I have experienced it once already, am in the midst of it once again, and will have this precious time once more in a few years.
The season I am referring to is this one~

It happens around age 5 (at least in my experience) and it is this small window of time when our little ones finally learn how to write real words...and the most favorite of those words are "love" and "mom". Makes my heart swoon. My sweet Ezra is in this stage now and not a day goes by that I don't come across one, two, ten or twenty little notes that say those sweet words.
I save them all, of course. And with each one I am handed, I treat it as if it were the first.
Each day he is learning more and building more words into his writing. Otto now has a love note taped above his bed~

And my computer screen is surrounded by them. A welcomed sight when I am knee deep in revising an article for the fifteenth time.

Within the past week I have received more content in my love letters, which make me both smile and giggle.
Its a great season of life...one that will be gone much too quickly~