Eat Banana Splits for Weight Loss

It's week 3 in my "Bye Bye Baby Weight" Monday series. This week the word is yogurt. More specifically, Greek yogurt. Even more specifically, 0% plain Greek Yogurt. I'm sure most brands of Greek yogurt are great, but I'll say, when the budget allows Fage is the what I grab. Oh how I love it so~

This yogurt thing...its pretty amazing in terms of weight loss. I eat it in the morning (about 1/2 cup) either plain, with a bit of museli on top or sliced strawberries. A drizzle of honey would be a good option too. It has loads more protien than regular plain yogurt and research shows it helps you lose weight without losing muscle. And this girl is all about keeping muscle tone.

Over a year ago I posted about my good girls banana split concoction. I thought I'd share it again this morning because it is still pretty darn genius in my book (patting myself on the back right now).

Its simple and delicious and good for you AND helps with those sweet tooth cravings when you are trying to lose the last of the pesky baby weight pounds.

There isn't much to the recipe. Here ya go:

Good Girls Banana Split

1/2 cup plain yogurt
5 strawberries (either fresh or frozen and thawed)
1 banana
2 T. Nutella warmed in the microwave to make it drizzleable (is that a word?)

Of course you could add pineapple or coconut shavings or a few chopped nuts. My version is pretty bare bones but a perfect combination to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Otto's pretty fond of it too.

What's your healthy indulgence?