A Layoff...the Road to Something Good?

15 months. 15 months of interviews, phone screens, brag books, nervousness, expectations and let downs. 15 months into a layoff.
Readers often email me and say how perfect life here at the Smith Homestead seems. And for the most part, its pretty close to it (given your perspective). But I will be honest and say, 15 months into a layoff will eventually wear anyone down. Even the most optimistic family.
And we are feeling pretty worn down. 
Some great friends and family have been in the trenches with us this past year helping us navigate through the mud and the muck of anxiety, fear, insecurity and frustration. Thank God for those few that 'stick closer than a brother'.
These past 15 months, as taxing on us as they have been, have also had successes and opportunities. I am blown away at the writing jobs that have landed in my lap this year and continue to come my way. We have pursued some amazing creative outlets as a family with great outcome and we know without a shadow of a doubt that this LONG season will seem like a blip on the radar someday...just a bump in the winding road to some pretty spectaclar stuff.

On a brighter note...a big GIVEAWAY on Monday!!! I can't wait for this one.
                 And a big ANNOUNCEMENT sometime next week.

See you then~