Spring Home Collection 2012 Art of Homemaking Style

our springtime mantle...with artwork I painted a few years back.

I almost shutter when I hear the word "collector". My mind flashes to scenes from Hoarders or memories of sitting at auction houses with my parents as a child, watching large collections of people's belongings being sold for chump change.
a collection below a collection. Can't seem to part with some of our favorite CD's just yet.
Boys rock collection below Mike's Wilco collection. I don't know if John Lackey did this one or not but he's
done many amazing Wilco posters over the years. Check out his site.  

But as much as I think I buck the system, I must admit, I am a collector. Spring has arrived here in Kentucky and some of my favorite collections have made their annual appearance. White stoneware, artwork, mason jars, and garden pots are on a seasonal rotation at the Smith Homestead.
these pots are awaiting their herbs...now to see if that will indeed happen before fall...

And as each season passes, the plaid painted kitchen floors gain more scuffs, scratches and wear...which is exactly the point, right? Each scuff is a made memory in my book.
Otto and his dog...the chasing ensues....
What do you collect?
And how do you decorate for spring?