Women That Inspire - My Friend the Food Photographer

Some women literally catapult me to the next level of creativity and inspiration in life. With each relationship that is forged, I glean (and hopefully offer) something different; an encouraging word, a new perspective, an unconventional angle, a fresh idea, an opportunity to help and motivation to grow. It's miraculous actually that we, as women, can provide this for one another.
I spent Friday night at the Sanola Photography art show at Wine+Market in downtown Lexington. Sarah Jane Sanders, who was showing her food photography collection (more on that tomorrow), is a genius in my book. A macaron is not just a macaron when it's in front of Sarah's camera. Her style is distinct and her talent is incredible. To boot, she is just one of those people that makes you think, "I want to know them more." I am inspired.
I snapped some shots that evening. Its hard to not want to photograph Wine+Market. In fact, I am sure there are thousands of Instagram photos floating around cyberspace of their digs. Each turn, each shelf, each counter is a perfect photo op.
**disclaimer: It is incredibly intimidating to snap photos at a professional photographers art show.