Hello 34

Its June 12th. My birthday. And I'm almost half way through my third fourth (thank you Robbie for the correction) decade. Wowzers. That's just crazy. Cut that age in half and thats how old I feel. I still love to dance around a store embarassing whomever I'm with, my favorite days are those at the state fair and my favorite food is still pizza.
Here's to atleast another 6 decades of dancing, fair food and pizza~
Mike and I just laughed when we saw this photo. I promise, it was not a shot to showcase my muscles. I guess when you stand like this for photographs it just screams "welcome to the gun show". Finally all those years of hauling around kids really has paid off!
Really my favorite past time is not lifting weights but rather munching down on some pretty spectacular food. For instance, this country ham biscuit was pretty darn tasty for a 34th birthday breakfast.