Studio Progress Vol. 3

I was going to hold off sharing studio photos until Monday, but the progress is happening so quickly that it will be finished before we know it! (I've always been an incredibly optimistic person, by the way.)

The black boards have now been painted~ it isn't my dream the previous post, #2 was my favorite. But when on a budget, spending half of it on a five gallon bucket of the perfect paint color just isn't realistic. We felt super lucky to have found a five gallon bucket of a tolerable green color for $25 at the Restore this week. I do love how the big maple tree gives it varying hues of green depending on the time of day.

Windows are in, electrical is done, insulation just went in about 10 minutes ago and the bead board walls are now being nailed up. Progress, progress, progress! The boys and I washed the studio porch this morning and gave it a crisp coat of white paint.

Its coming together...and I am giddy with delight.
Happy weekend!