Fishing the Elkhorn

The past few weeks have flown by at such a rapid pace~ summers tend to do that. And this summer, one rather large project is lending itself to an even swifter pace of life.
Thankfully, I have a host of people in my life, reminding me that there is balance to be had.

Evenings with friends eating lots of pizza~ both homemade and from my favorite walk in pizza joint, lots of cuddle time and pool time with the boys, some work related roadtrips and late night Ms. Marple watching.

The best 2 hours in recent memory happened one evening last week. Fishing the Elkhorn. There is no proper way to put into words the level of stress relieving magic this endeavor had. City life is busy...and bustling...and oh so fun. But I crave (and sometimes forget I crave) those moments of complete stillness and quietness. Up to my knees in cool, flowing water, casting my line, watching fish jump, leaving their circular ripples in the slow current downstream...I go far too long without these times. Shame on me. Because these times are, without a doubt, nourishment for the soul.

How do you best find quietness and solitude?

And before I forget~ the winner of the Swissmar V-Slicer is
Tina Knezevic said...

I would use this to make my fabulous sweet potato fries!!
Congrats! Send me an email so we can get your prize to you~