Inevitably Instagram

It was bound to happen, I suppose. It seemed everywhere I went lately and every email I received from a blog reader I was being asked if I was "on" Instagram. What did that even mean? I had a hard time wrapping my head around the hullaballo, especially as a non I-Phone user. But, as with most technological stuff, I am always a few months behind but eventually I arrive.
This week I finally arrived on Instagram. All those amazing pics my friends have been posting on Facebook for months and months~ the perfectly captured sunset at an outdoor concert, the funky polaroid of their hamburger and fries at lunch, the sweet sepia snapshot of their farmers market all makes sense now. Instagram certainly makes even the dullest photo pleasing to look at.
I'm not sure how to follow people yet or how to have others follow me. Feel free to school me in the fine art of Instagraming when you see me next~ I'll take our photo together and add a nice "Hudson" finish to it.
Date night downtown with the most clever 9 year old around.