The Blur Photos

FYI...this post will not win "Best Photography Post of the Year" Just sayin'.

Last week was a complete blur. Exhilarating, inspiring, exhausting, beautiful, emotional and both incredibly fast and incredibly of those weeks.
Some wonderful friends came to visit from Florida which did my soul good. Canaan spoke at a Philanthropy Summit which made this mama proud. And I met a ton of new people at a gorgeous Bourbon Review event and a Cake and Whiskey gathering that made my bucket overflow with gratitude for living in such a great town. Add in the weekly soccer game, cross country meet, a friends art show, horse sales at Keeneland, late night coffee and dessert, writing deadlines and long car rides through the country (just because), it was one for the record books.
Here's a glimpse in pictures...I told you it was a blur...I couldn't even keep the camera phone steady long enough to snap a still shot most of the week!
(**note to self. Put nothing on the calendar for the next 2-3 weeks.)