Morgan Day Cecil

Years ago I met someone. One of those people you wonder where they've been all your life. One of those people that literally light up a room and when they leave you want to follow them to stay close to that light.
That is Morgan. She's like this illuminating presence of everything inspiring and heartfelt and honest and real. She has been on a journey unlike most I have ever met. She has waded through the depths of valleys that many of us will never venture to (thank God) and has come through each as a testament  that we can overcome trials more radiant, beautiful, graceful and loving than we ever imagined possible.

Now Morgan lives thousands of miles away from me. But I am continually inspired by her through her Instagram shots, her Romance & Adventure blog posts, her endeavors and the goodies in her Etsy shop Maidservant of Encouragement.

I swoon over the designs she creates and think you will too. Until Feb. 6th here is your buy-one get-one free coupon coupon code: HIPHOME.