Both Mike and I have a thing for drinks. We are always thirsty and although I love a tall glass of water, it is nice to have something different from time to time( We aren't really soda drinkers).
Our drink choices are constantly evoloving and here is the list of current favorites in our fridge:

Iced Green Tea with Honey
I went through my McDonalds unsweet tea phase last fall~oh how I love that stuff. But I am trying to switch to green tea (healthier)which isn't half bad. I make it at night before bed and mix in just a touch of honey. Then I refridgerate it overnight and have it to drink throughout the day.

Hot Cocoa
My mother-in-law has always made the best hot cocoa. I thought for years that it was a top secret recipe but go figure~ it is the recipe from the Hersheys Cocoa box. It is absolutely the best! So easy and super yummy. The slight hint of salt and vanilla make it oh so yummy! I make up a batch and keep it in a nalgene bottle in the fridge. It is my afternoon pick-me-up. When I need a little sugar to get me through the afternoon, I pour some into a coffee mug and heat it up. So, so, good....

Club Soda with a splash of Nectar
For those times that we want a little something with carbonation, this drink does just the trick! Club soda is dirt cheap and adding a slight splash of juice or nectar makes it really refreshing and good. I find mango and guava nectar for under $2 a carton at the store in the mexican section. It lasts for a long time too!

I also find that having a few special drinks on hand helps keep me from unneeded snacking throughout the day too!