So I am totally on a chicken kick...I really want to get a couple of chickens for our backyard.
(Yes, Kristie, I know...I really am crazy. :)
Last Easter I wanted to get a baby chick for the boys. Mike was against it. This Easter again, I am pleading my case for another chick. But this time I am doing my research and finding out all I can about raising chickens in an urban setting.
This website and this one have been loaded with a ton of info.
I think I have determined we will get a couple of crested chickens. The crested chickens are the cute ones with the feather mohawks on their head. They are supposedly much more docile with children and are better behaved than other breeds.

So once again I am pleading my chicken case with Mike. (To no avail yet, though).

Any thoughts on raising chickens? I know in large quantities they can be messy and alot of work, but what about just 2?
Mike grew up with over 50 chickens so I think his negativity is coming from cleaning the coops for many of them.

And for those of you wondering, in most states (cities) it is legal to have chickens in city limits...just not the rooster. You can still get eggs from the chickens just not fertilized ones (thats where the rooster comes in).

In other news, we have been building a small deck out back. Also Mike's first annual beer tasting (homebrew) is this weekend with over 30 expected to taste the fine samplings :)