An (almost) Finished Writing Studio

(window boxes with flowers and Boxwoods someday soon...)

Only about 6 short weeks ago, Mike and I started a project. We had a very limited budget but big ideas and dreams for the humble concrete pad and roof off of our detached garage. We had $300 in a fund from Mike's mom; a stockpiling of Christmas gift and Birthday gifts from the past year. We've never been ones to back down from a challenge~ especially a budget challenge. And this writing studio was no different.
Everything but this $40 couch (a find on Craigslist) was brought in from what we already had.

With a stack of reclaimed horse farm boards ($.50 a board) and a Craigslist App we dove head first into the project. Old windows from a friend in town, some elbow grease from another to help frame and install them, tireless hours of nailing in old oak boards, priming and painting...and voila. Mike's skills as the ultimate handyman have always amazed me. This project surpased my wildest expectations.
Painted Concrete Floors

The only idea we had to lay aside was the hope for a sleeping loft for the boys. We might add it on sometime down the road but for now, sleeping bags on the floor will have to do.
Of course, it is a working by this weekend it will house the computer, printer and loads of papers flying everywhere. Oh why can't electronics come in soft buttery yellow and gray? The black HP printer has to go and ruin a perfect ambiance.
In time there will be more decorating ahead. I am terrible about committing to things on the wall. Once its there, its there and I'm fine. Its just nailing those darn holes in the wall...crazy stressful.
And, oh my!!! Before I forget. That sweet heart above the mantle? Ezra, my six year old painted that last weekend with some help from his Nan. I'm in love.

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