Canaan and Ezra's Room

I thought I'd post some pics of Canaan's room (soon to be Ezra's as well). We just moved this new dresser into the room. I found it at the Goodwill for $35. It is nice, solid, wood but was hideous with bubblegum pink and baby blue alternating drawers and the rest painted white. Not to mention the cheap plastic knobs. We sanded it, painted it this navy blue and found 12 knobs for $4.00 at Ikea.
Canaan picked out the fabric for the curtains at Walmart. He loves to look at the map and for us to tell him where places and people are in the world.
Everything we put into his room, we like to be somewhat educational. I am not really into too many mindless toys. He loves his little desk we purchased at a little roadside antique shop in the mountains near Mikes mom's house.
The corkboard is full of things Canaan likes to look at. Mainly this poster of Dan Zanes right now. Dan Zanes does great quirky music for kids....check him out sometime!
And then there is Ezra's little corner of the room. Below the paintings is a weird looking circle. That is one of many glow in the dark phases of the moon that Canaan has scattered around the room.
I totally forgot to take a pic of Canaan's favorite item in the room. He has a cushy funky swing thing that hangs from the ceiling. We got it at Ikea for him and he is the coolest kid around with a swing in his room!