Freezing Avocados....

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Avocados are my favorite food. Have I ever mentioned that? Well, they are. And at Sam's Club I have discovered that these little jewels that are normally priced at about $2 a pop are sold in a bag of 5 for under $4.00.
I recently bought 4 bags and as the avocados ripen, I pulse them in the food processor with salt, lime juice, and pepper for a yummy guacamole. And the best part is, it freezes beautifully. The trick is to immediately put the guac. into a freezer bag and get all the air out before sealing it. Air makes it turn that yucky unappetizing brown color.
Now, I have lots of guacomole to look forward to all winter long! I think I may dice some as well and freeze it that way to have with salads.