The New Studio Space

Here are some pics of my new "studio" space upstairs. I think I mentioned before that we hope to have our detatched garage converted into a studio space at some point. When we moved in a few months back I thought I would go ahead and start keeping my crafting/sewing/art supplies out there. Well that didn't quite work out... the bugs that come along with an unfinished garage finally ran me out of there....for now...atleast until the space gets finished.

So this weekend I moved things into our guest bedrrom upstairs. Actually I really like the idea of a guest room doubling as a space that gets used on a regular basis. I think the craft/sewing supplies gives it a cozy feel as well. I have my big sewing table up there (the pics are missing the sewing machine because its in the back of the car right now), my cedar chest filled with fabric, a peg board for holding supplies and another table for a cutting station. Also, the room has built in drawers into the walls which are perfect for housing sewing projects, supplies and a drawer specifically for the boys supplies when they are in their creating with me. I actually really love the space. The room is a soft butter yellow and it has great light for sewing during the day.
Here is a peak at the new quilt I am making as well...

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend. We have 2 parties to attend, an auction, a family hike, and a possible dollar movie of Kung Fu Panda for the boys and Mike. See you in a couple of days if not sooner!